Monday, July 30, 2007

When you wake...

Take the ribbon from your hair
Shake it loose and let it fall
Layin' soft against your skin
Like the shadow on the wall
Come and lay down by my side
Till the early mornin' light
All I'm takin' is your time
Help me make it through the night ... a song by Kris" Kristofferson
When you wake and take that first deep something about me still there? Before I open my eyes I feel you close...that scent...behind you ear at the hairline... that scent that is you alone...but when I open my eyes it fades and remains but a faint memory of night and you. Still I am content through out my day for I know that come night you will...come and lay down by my side for the memory of you will never leave me.
What if relationships never really end but continue to play out in a parallel world. Why does it work there? Maybe we are better in that world. Do we live a continuous cycle of success and failure? Has there already come the day when you passed someone on the street and something stopped you in your tracks...I know this person...but I can't place the face and continue to walk on...big mistake. Why couldn't you at least say...hello? If there are sins the biggest one has to be failing to acknowledge and communicate with others. Being insensitive.

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ynarud said...

Ante todo, pido perdón por mi intromisión.

Pase por el blog de mi amiga carlota... y te vi.
Mi ingles es totalmente inexistente. Utilizo traductores de la red... y algo entiendo.
En este caso creo entender que a veces no somos capaces de comunicarnos con los demás, dejamos de relacionarnos y parecemos insensibles al prójimo. Es verdad, creo que sí. Hay una frase que yo usaba mucho (era una manera de protegerme) que dice así:

“ Yo soy yo y mis circunstancias ” Filosofo Español José Ortega y Gaset

Aunque también creo, que hay muchas personas con una gran sensibilidad y dispuestas siempre a comunicarse y acercarse a los demás.

Saludos desde España.

pd; no querías practicar Español ??

;) :)