Thursday, July 19, 2007

Being alone...a realization

De Paso...on the way to we not look to a reflective surface for the image of something or someone? Yet, perhaps we seek the finality of being alone or the realization that perhaps life is one big looking glass reminding us that we alone are responsible for how our life goes. Still, what if I look into that reflective surface hoping to see a reflection of someone I care deeply about. Although they may not be with me my memory fills in the image. But then I panic what if they are not thinking about me? The reflection becomes me alone again. What does it matter. Sometimes you never realize--you have been alone--until that someone leaves you a note saying there has been a change of plans. You feel lonely until "that moment" someone gives you realization you don't have ED and leaving you was freedom to experience life as it once was. Being alone...It really was the best thing that could have happened. How often do we beg those who give us misery to looking for happiness only a cliche and not a reality?

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