Thursday, July 19, 2007

a way with words

Muqtada al-Sadr the fireplug looking firebrand that is a pain in the behind. Give the man his due...words, he has a way with words. He has taken possession of his language and uses it to ease the pain, anxiety and fear faced by the people of his country. Hassan Nasrallah another person with knowledge and command of his language. How they talk to the masses vs how they negotiate or address the outside world differs. Are we able to negotiate with other cultures. I reflect on the early 70's when we were attempting to negotiate a settlement with North Vietnam. I wondered then, what happens when might does not make right. Are we faced with the same predicament in Iraq or the whole Middle East for that matter. Do they understand us better than we do them? If so why? Are we culturally insensitive? Is our only approach to the world through firepower? As I stated earlier--I am reading the thoughts of a person who I share a heritage with. The difference is she expresses herself from within that heritage and I born and raised in another culture am in awe of the beauty of expression from within that heritage. I struggle to grasp that passionate feeling that would allow my words to conger up ideas in others that would move them. I cannot dismiss the possibility that I envy such ability but then God says to each there is a gift.

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carlota said...

Hi, Jc.
Bueno, con el diccionario en la mano he ido entendiendo (more or less) este post.
He creído entender que admiras la capacidad de expresar emoción, pasión, a través de las palabras.
Yo estoy de acuerdo en que tiene que ver con una sensibilidad y, quizá también, con un don (gift).
De todas formas, la capacidad de emocionarse y de tener "feeling" con otras personas a través de las palabras, de la forma de expresarse, también es otra clase de don.
Además, quién te ha dicho que tus palabras no puedan llegar a emocionar a quien las lee?
Seguiré leyendo tus otros posts del blog (con el diccionario en la mano), me llevará un tiempo.
Encantada de "conocerte".
Un abrazo