Friday, July 13, 2007

Sci-Fi freedom

I think it is appropriate to question whether or not we are free. I also think that the majority of Americans now know what fuel runs this country. Green fuel in the form of $$$$--greenbacks. A popular question currently in circulation is who are these gnomes that have found their way here from Zurich? Has anyone read Taylor Caldwell? The real money that runs this country is never seen nor would we recognize names if they were dropped at our feet. Who we know are the pawns that do the bidding of these sequestered, insidious creeps. Granted our wonderful nation took a serious blow on 9/11 but just as we questioned if FDR and Marshall knew in advance that it was coming and let it happen so that we could get into another conflict we should ask who on the hill knew and how long before it occurred? Since that infamous day in 2001 we have surrendered more rights and as we read daily the enemy is getting stronger and bolder and is coming to get us. We have committed ground troops to keep the fight off America' soil but that does not seem to be working. So why have we given up all these freedoms and rights--to give more control over our lives to the worms that used their money to put this administration in power. Look, I don't hold myself free of sin because I supported the "Values" of the neo-con. Of course I wanted a better America with more prosperity but it was never destined to happen. Of course I thought Rumi was going to get the job done but I had a mind lapse and forgot what he was like back in the old days. An old ,micro-managing bureaucrat who was going to bully people to get his way. He did and he was wrong. I keep saying J McCain was used by the administration to move their ideas forward but with their own twist. Their twist did not get the results that Sen. McCain would have gotten had he been running the war. I have no misgivings. Sen. McCain would have had us in this war maybe faster than GW did but with a reorganization and logistics plan that would have made up shortages left by BC' administration. I do believe this would have been the situation. Folks before politics all this guy knew was military and ate it for all three meals. Also I feel that we would not be sending our troops down the new "Streets without joy" and getting them killed because we can't figure out that what we are doing on these mean streets is wrong. Something is wrong with how we are doing math. To paraphrase what was said beginning of the movie Patton "you don't win by giving your life for your country you win by having poor sob...his country." What we have is a CIC who has undoubtedly watched the movie Independence Day too many times. Landing on the carrier and announcing "mission accomplished" was almost as dumb as telling the bad guys to "bring it on." The kids on the Streets without joy have paid the price for his d....a....remarks. Back to who is benefiting form the loss of freedoms. The money men that give transparent new meaning. You can't see them and if you did you would not know it. Lets leave their control of the media for another day. Why didn't America mobilize immediately after 9/11 and get the job done before 2001 was over? Not enough money would be made on a short police action so we must draw it out. The folks on the hill are quibbling over how much money to give the war effort, our boys are dying and the gnomes keep gouging us.

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