Friday, July 20, 2007

The party at the top of the ramp

What do you see when you look at a mobile hanging from a string? Does it mesmerize you with it spinning and chiming in the breeze. To me the mobile has faces that never change...smiling faces still alive in that special pocket in time. Ever so often I have this dream...I am running toward something...I know I am being shot at but the rounds just pass right through me and eventually I come to a ramp in the middle of nowhere. I run up the ramp but then there are stairs which I climb and climb and finally a door on a building that looks like an old barracks I open it and inside are all my guys and friends I have lost in times of war and they are having one big party. I have come to believe somewhere in this universe that is going on and on one of these visits I won't leave the party. For the moment at some point someone walks me back to the door. You know they never comment on the fact that I've got some grey and some age lines. They haven't aged a day.
Dreams remind how precious life is. Although I will never forget I would rather we still revelled in our bravado as night came on the first night back at base camp.

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