Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bad boys

Bad boys...
Yesterday I mentioned an old reading list that included Che and Mao and others. What does that have to do with anything you ask--for starters it indicates you may looking to them either as a friend or foe. Quite frankly we fear these bad boys old and new because they represent change. Change is good you say just not their kind of change. Their kind of change is violent over throw of democratically elected governments you say. So why do we still hang pictures of Che on our walls or talk about Mao like he was a relative of Bruce Lee. Actually they are just metaphors for what we know deep down--that we need to change. We know there is a dark side to our way of life. So much has gotten out of control just the years this current administration has been in office. America must figure out how it can hold out a few more years and then get serious about electing a real leader that may not say all the things we want to hear but will lead us back to the days before fear, before we sold our economic souls for a few pieces of silver. At present their are few that can truly lead America back on the road to health. The right candidate exists we just have to listen and let this candidate make sense to us. Again today Homeland Security issued a strong suggestion that we be ready. European intelligence agencies tell us it is coming. No more gut feeling. But with so many groups and splinter groups where do we look. Paul Revere where are you? The media reports the enemy is getting stronger but then what do we make of the comment UK Gov sources that the latest attack on UK was amateurish? Hey anyone who has read current techno-terrorist novels knows there are fool proof detonators. Must be another reason.

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