Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why don't we talk anymore?

There was a time when people would talk to each other before sex and countries would engage in dialogue before fighting a war...there was a code of behavior called fair play that wanted to satisfy the curiosity as what fears we shared...what hopes we had for the future and yes this happen before people got what point did we stop talking?
What is the problem? Technology--for all the convenience it gives our lives does it simplify or destroy us the people who depend more each day? Economics--what about too much money in the hands of too few people...nope don't think so. Nobody talks not even the not so rich or wannabes. When is the last time someone had a conversation with you about Mumbai's extreme poverty or Sudan and the mass killings of whole groups of people or the aids epidemic in Zimbabwe? We Americans live in a country that has over the years lost its perspective on world power. When? How about when it fought brother against brother in our Civil War or perhaps when we blanket bombed Dresden and nuked Japan. Or when we turned our backs on Hungary, Cuba, Vietnam...was it that our might dwindled?
Those who have taken the oath to serve and protect our country know it has a lifetime shelf life. We serve until we die but that does not mean we agree with everything the "Beltway Cowboys" are saying and doing? What happens if I disagree with them? One thing is does not mean is that I abandon the guys and gals on the line? Has anyone noticed that these kids in uniform are wearing out and need help. Now they talk about a new "draft" hey maybe the Border guards will catch the out flow of folks avoiding being drafted.
Why is there such a problem figuring out new ways to save more of our troops lives. Being a good Commander does not mean using up your basic load of ammo and can mean being more selective where you put your troops. Over the years in all our wars roads have earned hard names and the folks that traveled them had no other choice available. How is that the case today? Is jet fuel so expensive that we can't fly supplies in? What ever happened to the good old work horse Huey?
Why does Amercia ignore Africa? Did our debacle in Somalia sour us on the area? Have we noticed there are lots of folks barely staying alive and we need to help them stay alive. Is the econonmic perspective out of whack? Are third world countries expendable? Do we turn our backs to refute the belief that this is the cradle of civilization? We are a global community derived from the same primordal soup heavily concerned with economics but remiss at civil affairs projects to help those less fortunate. Do we dole out assistance based on how difficult the situation appears? Jo no ho entenc...

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carlota said...

Bueno, qué sorpresa. Ya veo que has estado investigando sobre una nueva lengua: el catalán.
Hay una frase del "Pequeño príncipe" que suena muy bonita en catalán:
"l'essencial és invisible als ulls".

En cuanto a lo que comentas en este post, yo no estoy tan informada como tú en lo que se refiere a política internacional, pero sí me llama la atención una frase tuya: "por qué América ignora a África?". Y creo que es extrapolable a Europa y al resto del mundo. África es siempre la gran olvidada. De hecho, en mi país, estamos recibiendo a todos los inmigrantes que huyen de sus países, de la miseria y del hambre, en busca de algo de esperanza. Es muy duro.
De todas formas, en estos temas, yo siempre me resisto a hacer demagogia, a hablar por hablar... Todo nos queda tan lejano... Creo que sólo lo entenderíamos si nos tocara vivirlo de cerca. Supongo que tú sí lo has vivido de cerca y sabes de qué hablas.
Sigo creyendo que soy muy afortunada de haber nacido donde he nacido, en el sentido de que la vida no me ha tratado mal a nivel de subsistencia digna. Por eso doy gracias siempre.

Una abraçada, amic.