Monday, July 30, 2007

Where do souls come from?

As children we are notorious for asking our parents where we came from to which we get the practiced made you. WOW wouldn't it be grand if that were true...probably not. That is because we are not so deluded these days. Love has nothing to do with much unless the lack of love is counted as the main driving force in today's chaotic world. Myself, I find it hard to be so detached from my surroundings that I am void of feelings. Too often I feel too much. I love my God, my parents, my friends, my pets and I do ask how did I get to be here with them. Not how they came but how did I come to be here at this moment with them. Was it random chance that we are at this exact point together? Not...completely. David Bohm the physicist wrote of a constantly folding and unfolding universe where "it is possible to comprehend both cosmos and consciousness as a single unbroken totality of movement"and I took it to mean that possibly we are living varied events on different level (not all physical) simultaneously. Predetermined can then take on a different meaning--like continued from a different level of existence. Do many still believe our "mind" is housed in this thing we carry around on our shoulders? Probably. But...what if it is not and it (the mind) like the universe is expanding and we exist and function on another level. Is there a "lay line" human thought follows within the confines of its physical existence. What if our thought intensity is so strong it jumps to another level and we encounter familiarity. Are we really ready on this level to ask and receive an answer to the second most asked question...Why am I here. As babes we ask how then we ask why and much later we ask for how long.

We are connected there is no doubt about a soldier I know I would give my life for my fellow soldier his cry of pain came from my mouth as well as his...we in that moment understood we were one in this universe. How it played out here may not be how it played out at a different level of our existence. I have to come back to this in another blog...parallel existence or reincarnation lets read Maria Rado...collection of thoughts. Maria provokes deeper thoughts about relationships. Where were we when this relationship started do we remember?

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