Thursday, July 19, 2007

Al Otro Lado Del Rio

by - Jorge Drexler from Motorcycle diaries. What is it with med school in South America? How does passion come of age? Does it one day say look we gotta move on to find ourselves or are we born with this mission to save the world? We can look into every culture and find those who move down the same know the path marked "I give a damn." A social conscious that is compelling. Are they aware that life is either going to be miserable or its going to be short. Che is not the only person who has piqued my interest recently in the headlines is a young man who gave his football career to be an Army Ranger. Every day we read about others who "pay it forward' to make the world a better place. These are folks who really do not say much but they live a life so powerful that just reading about them moves you. Heroes on both sides of the fence. How does one see the cause. Much like the American Civil War...heroes on both sides long remembered for what they gave to their fellow believers. At present we are on a world stage playing out a very bad production. It is called WAR and people mostly innocent people are dying. My view puts the American soldier in the innocent category. They have no grudge with the folks in Iraq or Afghanistan they only clean up the mess failed politicians left them. The large numbers of dying are innocent folks who just want to go to work, raise a family and enjoy some of life. Instead they never know when a trip to the market is going to be the last. When the soldier and the revolutionary meet they don't die...its the poor kid whose Mom sent him to pick up some rice for dinner. How can be so insensitive...we take for granted coming home for dinner? For us here in America we occasionally reflect on 9/11 but we are oblivious to what los Vascos have done to Spain and more recently what terrorist did to many innocent train riders. We have ignored the fights waged in Ireland, Somalia, Sudan, Colombia. We ignore because it has nothing to do with making money. Corporations today live out of suitcases. No more nationalizing a Corporation they will be on the first plane out before you can down your next latte.

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