Friday, July 20, 2007

Another world a different language

Me deperte con lagrima que caian a mi labios...sabor de dices ahi te espera...pregunto adonde...dices en la luna bailando. I enter into another world where a language I am unfamiliar with is spoken. What do I leave behind? Disappointment with myself and my fellow man. Who is this siren that beckons me who creates harmony with matters not. I don't want to know who she is...what she looks like...its her soul that is familiar to me. Often we have bumped into one another never in the same place at the same time...always dancing on the moon. Hope...that life is good and getting better. I once was an incurable romantic but somewhere I let life change me. To return to the table of a once familiar house to share the wine and laughter that has been gone from my life for so long...I leave nothing behind...I am receiving a new gift...and a hope for the next time around.

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carlota said...

It's very nice what you are writing.
Fantastic! Hope and another piece of life waiting for you. It's good to start a new life, a new illusion.
Disappointment must go away.
Siempre mirando hacia adelante, intentanto encontrar la ilusiĆ³n perdida.
Un abrazo, John (is it your name?)