Wednesday, July 18, 2007

worm holes

At some point today I watched a reporter from CNN talk about what is going on there. Blah, bilabial same old stuff but I did notice what folks at CNN are missing is that this young man has the most vacant eyes I have seen on a civilian in a long time. A reporter with the 1000 yd stare is probably not uncommon but on CNN news?
He will probably get better care than the GIs get through VA. I can remember coming home after my second tour in VN afflicted with a problem that stuck with me for many years after. I would just spontaneously vomit. No warning it would just happen. Oh they put me in the hospital and did tests then started the Demerol and Thorazine treatment. Talk about one flew over the cuckoos nest. Was I affected with PTSD? Who knows surely the Docs at VA did not. Now a days they tell me that problems I am having can't be substantiated since my records were in a fire at St. Louis. Just recently I made contact with someone who can help me navigated this horrible system. I sure hope the young men and women coming home from Iraq and Afghan are getting better help. Do you know how badly heaving on a daily basis can erode you esophagus? You end up with Barrett's and VA makes you pay for all the meds. Why is it my fault my records burned. One person who can verify what happened is now a counselor with VA so forget the help. Beside, when I was on that tour she gave my name and unit to the Fonda organization and I was mentioned nightly on Hanoi Hannah. Not good.

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