Saturday, July 21, 2007

The day is mine

I haven't cooled off yet. My mind is still locked on what I have been reading. I feel my words changing--thoughts reshaping my vision. What I see is brighter, less complex and I can move around in my space with more ease. I think about how I have been viewing the world as having become so politicized so money hungry that you can't even be in a serious relationship today. "What's in it for me" is the recurring theme...what ever happened to do things for the right thing or good old Karma? Now influenced by what I have been reading my perspecitve has changed. No longer is it the world that I see lacking the cathartic jolt to get ones creative juices flowing but rather I see it as American. Creativity is only good in America if it means a new business. Forget the playwright and poets they just drain off business seed money. Folks these are the people who will expose you as money grubbing fakers when they write you into the running artistic log. These folks define America and leave a history for generations to come to know who we were.

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