Friday, July 11, 2008

Love is out there...

Recently I was asked why I am avoiding a relationship at this point in my life and the answer is simple...Susi, I want to keep life simple. To me--it seems that to much is complicated in today's world. Our first inclination is one of mistrust...which troubles me because my first inclination is to submit to the moment and see where it goes. Lately it goes nowhere. So for now I reflect on the love others have shared and the loves I have been blessed with.

Recently a person I have not heard from in many years (we broke off rather badly) contacted me to tell me she still had some items of mine that I might want returned. First, that she kept them surprised me but that she now feels comfortable corresponding with me was a wonderful feeling. What we shared will remain in the time frame in which it happened but the good memories travel as comfort that life has been good. There are times when the relationships we are in go bad and we grab an attitude of ugly animus then later in life we find we grew as a result of that experience. Why don't we go back to this person and say just helped me grow into a better, stronger person. Really--it can do a great good for you and the person who you tell this too. Perhaps it will help them get through a difficult day and you put meaning into that day of your life.

I think that even those of us who are not fortunate enough to remain with one person for many years have that same comfort zone. That is if we don't try to mask our life with what we think others want to hear. So you have been married 3 times and had a number of loves why should this make you less of a desirable person? Really it makes you a better person--a true survivor and to paraphrase Susi..."it is never too late." Never too late is so correct but for me first I have to get through this "life is too complicated" phase.
Asians not unlike Latins are serious about living life, good food and Love. Throughout the ages their food revolves around a sense of the erotic with households that hold the many loves in a persons life...each one special in their own way. At this moment of my personal studies I find that only the European mind can adequately interpret this unique relationship. It can only be understood by a person who is used to being in love...with life and food and people in that moment. I remember seeing Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek and hearing him sing a song called "The first time" did you ever do this before? Yes, but not with this person is the first time or maybe Ms Mercuri in Never on Sunday ahh there is a list of film for hopeless romantics who wish life were not so complicated.
Helping others become better leaders comes from helping them realize those things they can do to make life a bit less complicated.

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