Saturday, April 12, 2008

No apology for China

As the Olympic torch carriers attempted a run through San Francisco pro Tibet protesters confronted pro China supporters in an old fashioned screaming session. What was accomplished? Nothing worthwhile. How can the people of any country who in its own dark history has oppressed a people residing within their borders. It matters not when this happened just that the people, the culture--have a propensity to this behavior. History supports that this tendency does not go away but merely adapts to operate in modernity. China since the Communist take over has been consistent in its behavior. It has continued in the historical footsteps of the dynastic iron rule from the top. China contends Tibet is historically a part of China but history records that Tibet and China in the mid-13Th Century both became a part of the Mongol empire of the Khans. When the Khans formed the Yuan Dynasty which became a segment of the total Chinese lineage it holds to this possession. Written into this often changing history is the possibility that the Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of Kublai Khan who converted to Buddhism. China continued to be active in Tibet after the Yuan period and in 1720s Qing period under Kangxi Tibet was freed from rogue invaders and a treaty with border delineations was signed. China sent representatives to govern the area of Tibet ceded them by treaty.

During the time of Emperor Qianlong often there were uprisings in Tibet and each time China came to the rescure only this time the Emperor around the mid-1700s declared the Dalai Lama the Spiritural and Political leader of Tibet. This did not solve the problems for Tibet.

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