Wednesday, August 15, 2007 live and survive in China...

Now its toys on a recall. No it is not a Chinese subplot to kill our pets then our children. Blame it on Deng Xiao Ping who told them it was good to get rich. It would be good to go to your local DVD rental outlet and check out Zhang Yimou's great movie staring Gong Li and Ge You. There is a part of the movie dealing with the period of "The Great Leap Forward" of Mao's phases where everyone produces steel to liberate Taiwan.
No this toy thing is not about liberating Taiwan but it is about getting rich. For a time I was encouraged that a resurgence of the Five Relationships would help get China business get through rapid growth phases but it did not. Confucian ethics may have gotten the Dragon and her Mini Dragons to success on a world stage but as every good Confucian knows there are no short cuts on the Tao...the main road that is. A man trusts his best friend and supplier and he is betrayed by greed. I feel that when economist talk about China overheating they are missing the real areas of Chinese manufacturing that operates unsupervised. In the old days in China the Government had there man in every area supervising all that transpired. Unfortunately most of those guys died from having taken the government exams so many times.
How many CEOs would we have if disgracing a company meant you had to commit suicide? I don't see many getting on that subscription list. Yet the Chap who ran the China toy company did just that...and his friend who betrayed him. He got rich.

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carlota said...

Amigo John, seguro que estás muy tabajador con tus estudios.
Yo ya estoy de regreso e intento ponerme al día con las amistades.
Tú debes de conocer muy bien la forma de vida en China, nada fácil por lo que explicas y nada que ver con la forma de vida europea o norteamericana.
Te animo a continuar explicando todo lo que llevas dentro.
Un abrazo.