Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why don't people stay in their own countries???

Immigrants...the whole world complains that their country is being over run by foreigners...and they are either taking all the jobs or raising the crime rate. Friends it is like this...where ever we ignore extreme poverty and disease and they get wind of the rumor we are living the great life. You might as well hold the door open, hand out maps because some way some how they are going to come. What is unfortunate is they don't know that only a few are filthy rich and the rest of us are either trying to develop the next get rich scheme or are so caught up working 18 hour days we just fall into bed each night.
Americans complain about everyone below the Rio Grande and the Europeans well they have a more diverse population arriving on their shores. Americans hate the sound of Spanish be it in Miami or Dallas or the whole state of California for that matter. Some folks in California and the Southwest have it real rough, it seems some families have been there since the days when Spain was the Mother country.
I cannot imagine how Spain, a major force in the days the world was explored for new lands and riches deals with its immigration issues. I am sure the sound of different languages is many but for a Catholic country the rise in Islam, the religion is threatning. But then,co-existing was never a problem when Moors were the dominant force. There is a book that describes that time just can't recall the title at the moment...get back to that later. Religious differences may or may not be the case. So many from Africa are leaving their small impoverished countries and landing on Spanish shores just to earn enough money to send home--in order for whole families to survive extreme impoverished conditions. Extreme poverty in those countries does not just mean not being able to afford goods it means there are no goods available. No medicine, no food stores they are in the most primitive poverty the world has to offer.
People what is wrong with us? How can we turn our backs on these people? How can someone rake in billions of dollars and not try to find a way to improve life for these folks...the rest of us that make an average wages drop 5 Bucks in a can for the Pan handler on the corner...what so that can make world poverty go away.
That is not going to happen...but what will happen is they will bring us to our knees. Allowing these people to suffer and die from disease and starvation will get us. Look at what happened to us in Somalia...somehow someone arms these folks and might even send in someone to train them...then we have a problem.
Countries that at this moment cannot afford to feed their people will at some point in the future find that someone has armed and trained these folks and they are coming in search of a better life...while they figure out how to destroy ours. So I am saying something new? Very doubtful. Am I sounding another alarm...why? Its to late. We have ignored them too long. These immigration trends are not going to reverse themselves. What has to change is how go about eliminating this disease and poverty that is consuming whole populations and not just in Africa but other countries throughout the east and west. There are ways to insure the security of quality of life and that is by improving that quality of life for others. Maybe, just maybe then they will stay home.

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