Monday, February 4, 2008

My examination hell

It is late--too late to be quizzing myself. What have I accomplished this past year...what do I intend to do in this new year. My God its February already. Where did January go...what have I been doing this past month. Chinese New Year...a couple days away and I haven't even begun to make my I want hao yun qi? I better get moving? What year is it? 4706 by their calander the year of the Rat. Some say Gong Xi Fa Tsai others Gong Hei Fatt Choi...Happy New Year.

I have oranges on the table and tomorrow I will buy some fresh flowers and apples and make it a point to wear off my debts...not really but I am in great standing with all accounts.

I can't believe the community is so quiet...must be some truth to an economic slow down. Still that never stopped people before. The custom, tradition continues regardless of current conditions...all we do right now will determine how properous the year will be for us. No holding back.
My excuse for being so frantic...studies, exams, defending, writing. So much to read but I want a life.

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carlota said...

Querido amigo,
Te dejo un saludo en tu blog.
Lo poquito que logro entender es que estamos en el año chino de la rata, que estás muy ocupado con tus estudios y que "quieres una vida".
Bueno, pues mis mejores deseos para que disfrutes de la vida y encuentres tiempo para descansar y vivir y sin más.
Un abrazo