Thursday, February 28, 2008

Listen to your Mother

More and more I hear of people who are being contacted from beyond by loved ones who have died. No, this is not a disbeliever but rather a true believer that is does happen. My feelings are that is happens more often than we realize. We have closed our minds to the possibility so absolutely that we miss this contact intended to guide us to that which we search our whole lives. My Mom died much as I knew I would miss her--death was a reward as opposed to suffering with cervical cancer. I have of them to be exact...and you know what Mom recently reminded me of was that she and I had four years as an only child. This is something special I shared with her. I grew up speaking Spanish and Euskera since I was raised around Maternal and Paternal Grandparents who did not speak English. Around the age of four when my father had returned from his military service we moved to communities where only English was spoken. Well my Mom recently reminded me that buried deep in my mind is a fluency in Spanish/Euskera and all I need to do is start using it. She was a big believer that my ability to learn complex languages was a result of having to transition from Spanish.
My Mom and I don't talk in the conventional sense but it is a mental communication that goes on. Lately I have found myself articulating my answers and yes, people do look at me very strangely. At times it is so strange because there are mornings when I know that my dreams have been in those languages. Problem is I don't write in those languages so I am hoping that if I just put forth the effort I will gain additional language fluency's. Don't think for a moment that praise for something well done doesn't come from beyond. We really have no idea what happens. I have my beliefs as to what happens--but thats another page.

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carlota said...

Interesante reflexión. Voy a tener que releerla despacio para entender bien lo que explicas.
Muy bien por tu actividad escribiendo.
Un abrazo