Monday, October 1, 2007

They clapped her to death...

Women in the west have no idea what madness existed in the male minds of Imperial China. Bound feet "Golden Lilies" to incapacitate--render helpless for sensual gratification. Yes, it was the smell of the trapped sweat on rotting flesh that aroused and marked the the low point of male dominance in Imperial China. The practice came to an end at the end of the last great dynasty as women perhaps in a draft preamble to the freedoms they would demand and enjoy mid-century. However, during the Ching or Manchu period the women of the Manchu did not buy into the denigrating custom...but so as not to offend they pretended to need the same assistance getting around but rest assured once returned to the safety of their homes sighed, not us. One young lady who unbound her feet, sold her jewelry to purchase passage to Japan to study was the heroine--Qui Jin. In this person is valor to match any male deed that overcame the odds. Tragedy marked the end of her should read more and be inspired by this person. The end came for her betrayed by her own people she chose liberty in death and has in a way become a symbol of fighting the old the adds nothing to the quality of life but instead suppresses a segment of it own population.

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