Monday, October 29, 2007

Leave the mortgage General alone...

Out there in the business battlefield is a General I will call "Angelo." This General is not in the military but he has his troops fighting for their corporate lives just as if he were on the line. Prior to this time "Angelo" was a Star...the kind of person who ends up on the cover of time magazine. In the battle of business he made lots of people lots of money...then his Battle of the Bulge hit him head on. There was no McAuliffe to hold down the forest. Just lots of bad wolves coming out looking to do him in. OK, so he didn't say nuts but rather something more importantly significant..."we'll be profitable by the end of the year."

No there is not a herd of politicians calling for his head but instead poor fund managers who were to busy living the good life to properly manage their funds. Has it been that many years ago that we have forgotten about a young lady fund manager who was so on top of her duties that she saved her clients tons of money. I don't know but I bet she is still the best around in today's investment world. Why would you want to remove the one man who has brought his company through its darkest days and has it back on its ways to profitability? Come on folks don't let these fund managers hoodwink you.

I don't know "Angelo" but I know folks who's lives depend on their spouses jobs with this company. To the person they are upbeat and confident that "Angelo" has saved them and their livelihood. I have asked how they know...what do your spouses tell you? They reply "we can just sense it" and no they don't say anything they are disciplined's obvious in their upbeat manner they look forward to going to work. Another comment was that "Angelo's" company was seriously reaching out to the consumer trying to help get as many as possible back on track.

So make sense of is the guy who has saved the day and guys and gals who took advantage of the day...want his head on the platter. Something wrong with that? Doesn't make sense.

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